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Bring Your Family Together With A Funeral Webcast

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Sometimes when a family member passes away, not all of them will be able to make it to the funeral for a variety of reasons. They may not have the means to travel, especially if the funeral is many miles from their home, or they may not feel well during this time. Whatever the reason, you can bring your family together by setting up a funeral webcast. Below is some general information on how this works.


A camera is mounted on the ceiling that can be tilted, is able to zoom in on a specific area, and is able to pan the room.  This camera will be connected to a laptop or desktop computer. The camera should also be able to adjust to natural or artificial light.

Video Decoder

A video decoder is a piece of hardware that is used to connect the live feed from the camera. A USB decoder is also used which connects to a USB port on your computer.

The images from the camera are first sent to the video decoder. This decoder then sends the signal to the USB decoder that will then convert the images on the laptop so they display correctly.

Network Cable

The camera connects to the computer via a network cable. These cables come in varying lengths, and the cable used should be long enough to connect from the camera to your computer.


You will need at least 8GB or RAM on your laptop or computer for the software you will install. If your laptop or computer does not have this much memory, you may be able to upgrade it and add more. Refer to the manual that came with your computer on how to install this memory, or you can hire a technician to install it for you.


The software that you purchase for funeral webcasting is very important. For example, if you plan to use more than one camera, you need to make sure the software can accommodate multiple feeds. If you would like to give your family members DVDs of the funeral, the software must have the ability to record the webcast to DVDs

Because this is a very important webcast, you may want to consider hiring a professional to set up this for you if you have never done it before. This person will know the best way to set up all of the equipment and software so your family members can view the funeral. They can also set up audio so the family can not only see but hear the funeral.

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