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Flu Season Approaching? 4 Ways To Reduce The Sickness In Your Home

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Flu season is coming, and that means lots of trips to the doctor. You do everything you can to stay healthy while you're outside. You use plenty of hand sanitizer and you wash your hands after using the restroom. Did you know that there are also some other things you can be doing inside your home that can prevent the spread of germs? Your home is the first line of defense against germs that cause sickness. These simple tips can help you keep sick days to a minimum for you and your family.

1. Use Disposable Cups

If you've noticed a collection of cups on your kitchen sink, you probably know that each one of those cups carry germs. If someone in your home is sick, that sickness might be spread by the sharing of cups. During flu season, place disposable cups on the sink. You can either throw the cups away after each use, or you can use a permanent marker to write names on the cups. At the end of the day, throw the cups and the germs away.

2. Replace Toothbrushes Once The Sickness Is Out Of The House

Your toothbrush harbors a lot of germs. If you're brushing your teeth while you're sick, those germs are still in the toothbrush. As soon as you're no longer sick, replace your toothbrush. This will ensure that you aren't brushing your teeth with flu germs.

3. Keep Sanitizer Wipes In The Kitchen And Bathrooms

Even if you wash your hands on a regular basis, your germs are still on the door handles, light switches, faucet, and toilet handles. Stop the spread of germs by keeping a container of sanitizer wipes in the kitchen and bathrooms. Once you've washed your hands, wipe down all the surfaces you've touched. This will stop the spread of germs, which will make the sickness leave your home sooner.

4. Wash Your Sheets And Towels In Hot Water

Germs can linger in your laundry long after sickness has left your home. Get rid of the germs by washing your sheets and towels in hot water. Using bleach (color-safe bleach for your towels) will kill the germs, and can prevent sickness from circulating through your home several times before it finally leaves.

Flu season can be terrible, especially if your family members keep getting sick. These simple steps can kill the germs, and help get rid of the sickness faster. To learn more, contact a company such as Independence Park Medical Services Inc. with any questions or concerns you might have.