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3 Natural Remedies For Fighting Chronic Back Pain

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If you, like 31 million other people in the United States, suffer from lower back pain, you need to begin treating your body well in order to manage and treat this pain. Your back carries a lot of weight and is responsible for a lot of motion, so this can be an incredible burden if you are always in pain. To make sure that you're able to get the help and healing that you need, consider some of these natural remedies and tips to help you out with this circumstance:

#1: Cater Your Diet To Back Health

In the same way that pro athletes fuel their body with the building blocks they need for their particular sport, you'll need to give your back the tools that it needs to heal up and be well. Consider some of the following foods, supplements and nutrients that will help you have a healthy back:

  1. Vitamin A - This vitamin is useful in that it helps boost your immune system and is nurturing to bones and tissue. You can get large doses of Vitamin A in animal products like dairy, chicken and beef. 
  2. Vitamin C - This vitamin is vital in regenerating tissue, which is crucial for the ligaments, tendons and discs in your back. You'll find large helpings of Vitamin C in citrus fruits, broccoli and spinach. 
  3. Vitamin K and Calcium - Calcium, as you might know, is crucial for bone health. You'll find plenty of it in dairy and leafy greens. However, Vitamin K is essential in helping you effectively absorb Calcium. Vitamin K is found in pork, liver and leafy green vegetables. 

#2: Take a Yoga Class

Did you know that going to yoga just once per week can give you tremendous results? A study showed that people who went to yoga weekly received significant lower back pain improvement in the span of 3 months.

Yoga adds both strength and flexibility to your back and the systems that support your back. Further, yoga is excellent for peace of mind and focus, which are excellent pain management tools. 

#3: Use Fish Oil Supplements To Beat The Swelling

If you are looking for a natural anti-inflammatory, give fish oil a try. Fish oil is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, which increase your blood flow and work to fight swelling. This will allow you to get the anti inflammatory properties that you need, without turning to hard medicine. 

Take advantage of these three tips, so that you are able to make the most of your chronic back pain. To learn more, contact a company like http://www.swfna.com with your questions and concerns.