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Three Questions To Ask When Helping A Family Member Get Hearing Aids

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The need for hearing aids increases as a person ages, and if you have a family member who's suffering from hearing loss, it's helpful to attend his or her appointment with a hearing specialist. Your presence at this meeting, which can often include a hearing test and then a fitting for one or two hearing aids, is more than just about supporting your family member. You can also take the opportunity to ask some questions that your family member might be resistant to ask if he or she struggles to hear clearly. Here are three worthwhile questions to pose to the hearing specialist.

What Happens In The Future When A Hearing Aid Needs Repair Work?

It never hurts to look to the future, and given that there's a chance one of the hearing aids will need to be repaired at some point, it's important to understand how the process will unfold. Asking this question will reveal whether the hearing center typically does its repair work on-site and how long repairs typically take. Perhaps even more importantly, you'll also learn whether your family member will get a replacement hearing aid while the hearing aid is being repaired. Centers that offer this feature are ideal, as your family member won't have to struggle to hear in the interim.

Can My Family Member Get A Remote Control?

Many hearing centers offer remote controls that sync with a customer's hearing aid. This easy-to-use control allows the customer to make easy adjustments to the hearing aid with a few touches of some buttons. Using a remote control is not only easier -- your family member will be able to see what he or she is adjusting, rather than do so by touch on the hearing aid itself -- but also allows for adjustments to be made with more discretion, which is ideal if your family member doesn't wish to bring attention to the hearing aid.

How Does The Upgrade Process Work?

While your family member's new hearing aid will greatly improve his or her ability to hear, there will likely come a point at which the device needs to be upgraded due to constantly changing hearing issues. Asking the hearing specialist about the upgrade process gives you an understanding of how smoothly it takes place. Typically, your family member will visit center like Hearing Specialists of DuPage for another hearing test and then a new hearing aid will be ordered.