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Choosing A Breast Enhancement Option That Is Right For You

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While some women are naturally endowed with their ideal breast shape or size, others may be looking for ways to enhance their breasts to get that perfect look. If you are one of the women who are looking for breast enhancement options, get to know a few of the most popular ones so that you can choose the route that best suits you and your needs.  

Breast Prosthesis and Inserts

Whether you are looking to enhance your breasts following mastectomy surgeries or you just want to see what you would look like with larger breasts before you commit to a more permanent solution, you may benefit from breast prosthesis. A breast prosthesis is essentially an artificial breast that you can wear in a special bra or body wrap to enhance your curves.

If you have had one or both breasts removed due to breast cancer, but are unsure if you want to get breast implants or need to wait until your cancer treatments are complete, the silicone prosthesis option is a great one. These breasts can be purchased pre-made or you can have them customized to meet your exact size and shape needs (particularly if you only need one for one side). When you are wearing clothes, you will look like you have perfectly shaped and symmetrical breasts, helping you with your self-image and looking like your body pre-op.

Inserts are similar to the prosthesis option but are designed to enlarge rather than replace breasts. These inserts can help you if you are trying to determine what size you want to go up to or if you are unsure whether or not you want to commit to breast enhancement procedures.

Non-Invasive Breast Enhancements

If you are ready to make changes to your breasts but are still unsure about implants, there are non-surgical ways to get breast enhancement. Some doctors and plastic surgeons offer collagen injections.

Collagen is a substance naturally created in the body that helps to keep skin smooth and plump. When you get collagen breast injections, they can help even out your breasts if one is larger than the other, make them appear fuller and more perky, and can increase the size of your breasts without going under the knife.

This treatment is also sometimes paired with the injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which stimulates growth (possibly further enhancing the breasts) and helps with the healing process. Collagen injections can give you results that last a few years or more, giving you time to decide if you would like to continue with collagen treatments, try implants, or go back to your natural breast size.

Now that you know more about a few of the breast enhancement options that are available, you can best decide which route is best for you!