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Exercises That Can Help You Lose Weight While You Watch TV

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Being able to lose weight often depends on your ability to find time for daily exercise. However, if you're spending much of your spare time in front of the TV, you might not be left with enough time for some form of physical fitness. Americans, on average, spend about five hours per day watching TV – which can certainly eat into one's ability to work out. If your TV watching is along these lines, the simplest answer is to watch less TV and make exercise a priority. Can't make this happen? Here are some exercises to perform for your weight-loss efforts while you watch TV.

Jumping Rope

Unless you live in an apartment building and have neighbors directly under you, jumping rope is an ideal activity to perform while you watch TV. Whether you jump during your favorite program or perform short bursts of this workout during commercial breaks, it will get your heart rate up to burn calories, and can also build your muscles to help boost your metabolic rate.

Jumping Jacks

Like jumping rope, jumping jacks is an example of a high-intensity aerobic workout, although you can easily tailor the pace of the activity to suit your fitness level. It's an ideal weight-loss activity for the same reasons as jumping rope, but is preferable if you're concerned about tripping and falling with a rope. When you performing jumping jacks, make sure to kick your legs wide to the sides and swing your arms out and up; doing so provides more of a calorie burn than smaller movements.


Burpees are a challenging exercise that can have numerous different variations. A common sequence is to start on the ground in the push-up position, and then kick your legs forward, stand up, jump as high as you can, jump back down into the push-up position and perform one push-up. This workout isn't typically possible to sustain for long durations, making it ideal to perform a few times during a commercial break.

Sprinting In Place

Sprinting in place is a perfect activity to perform while you watch TV – especially on commercial breaks. By pumping your legs and arms vigorously, you're burning calories to help you work toward the caloric deficit that is necessary for weight loss. If your fitness level isn't quite conducive to sprinting, focus on jogging in place or even walking in place.

Playing With Your Kids

If you're watching TV as a family, use the commercial breaks as an opportunity to hop onto the floor and play with your kids. Whether it's play wrestling, dancing or another physical challenge, it will keep you moving in a fun way – and the game might even be so fun that you decide to turn the TV off and continue playing.

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