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What Are The Advantages Of Having Body Contouring Surgery?

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Body contouring is a type of surgery that is done to remove excess skin from the body. This surgery is commonly performed on those who have had a substantial weight loss, women who have been pregnant multiple times and those who have sagging skin due to aging. These are some different advantages of having body contouring surgery.

Can Be Performed On Various Areas 

Body contouring surgery can be performed on various areas of the body where loose skin is visible. This includes the upper arms, the breasts, the abdomen, the back, the hips and the inner and outer thighs. Body contouring can also be done on several different areas of the body during one surgical procedure.

Can Be Customized 

If the patient feels her body is not as proportionate as it should be, the surgeon can correct this problem. For instance, if the patient has lost more weight in the upper half of her body than the lower half of her body, fat can be removed from the lower half during the surgery when the excess skin is being removed. This can give the patient a more balanced appearance.

Sometimes surgeons can even redistribute fat in the body to other areas that need to be filled out more. An example of this would be removing excess fat from the outer thighs and adding it to the inside of the breasts to make them look fuller.

Shedding Extra Pounds 

Those who have had a substantial weight loss are often left with a huge amount of loose, sagging skin throughout their bodies. This also adds a few extra pounds to their body weight. However, when the excess skin is removed, there is often a noticeable drop in the patient's body weight once the surgery is complete.

Boosting The Self Esteem 

Those who have body contouring surgery also gain confidence in their new appearance. While loosing weight boosts the self esteem a great deal, having excess skin removed so that their weight loss is even more noticeable makes the patient feel even more positive about their overall body shape and size. This procedure often makes the patient look and feel much healthier and happier than ever before.

Body contouring is considered a cosmetic procedure and may not be covered by all health insurance plans. However, some surgeons who perform this service are willing to work out an affordable payment plan for their patients.