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Three Things To Remember When You're Thinking About Getting An Egg Donation

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If you're a working woman who's either infertile or just a little too old to have children in the traditional way, getting an egg donation is a great way to fix your problem. Even if the procedures involved can be quite pricey, what is money compared to the smile of a newly-born child? When you're thinking about getting an egg donation, make sure you remember these three things.

You'll Have An Increased Chance of Having Twins

Since many different eggs from the donor will be put inside you during the procedure, twins or even triplets are a definite possibility when you get pregnant. The risk of this happening is exacerbated by the fact that most egg donors are relatively young.

While you may want twins in your home, carrying them to term comes with a slew of increased health risks such as premature birth and defective organ formation. So when you're planning out your hoped-for pregnancy, set aside plenty of free time for resting and possible doctor's appointments.

You Usually Aren't Able to Meet The Original Bearer Of The Eggs

Even if the donor passes the examination and filtering process your fertility company employs, it's hard to receive something as important as an embryo from someone you've never met. Therefore, even if the donor applicant seems fine at first sight, carefully read all the forms and papers about the person you can get your hands on.

Though things like heavy drug use would have been screened out by the company, look carefully at things such as a tendency to get the flu more often than most other people. A sickly donor could make for a very sickly child.

Finally, make sure that the donor has no behavior abnormalities. If possible, demand proof of a college degree and gainful employment at a good company.

Age Can Still Be An Obstacle To The Eggs Maturing

Don't assume that you can wait on getting your child forever just because you plan on getting an egg donation. Though an egg donation is great for a woman who wants to get pregnant in her early to mid forties, the success rate goes down rapidly once a woman starts counting off her fifties.

So if you're only planning on getting an egg donation some time in the future, consider the probable trajectory of your career and pick a month on the calendar where you'll have to go through with it or give up on having a child entirely.

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