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Holographic Ultrasounds: What Are They And How Do They Benefit You?

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Ultrasound technology can be a valuable tool in monitoring the growth and development of your unborn baby, or it can help you manage your health after a major surgery or medical diagnosis. The most common and popular ultrasound methods used today are 2D, 3D, and 4D imaging. Each type of ultrasound technology is unique in how it performs. One of the latest types of ultrasound technologies in development today is holographic ultrasound. Holographic ultrasound has the potential to help physicians and other specialists learn more about the human anatomy and how it works to better treat patients. Here's more information about holographic ultrasound and how it may benefit you in the future.

What Are Holographic Ultrasounds?

Holographic technology isn't a new concept. A number of doctors and specialists use holographic computer programs to help them perform surgeries, create medical plans, and learn how to perform new procedures. Some entities learned how to create holograms that feel real to the human touch. Holographic ultrasound takes these types of innovations to the next level by producing detailed 3D digital maps of the human anatomy.

Holographic ultrasounds allow doctors, medical students, and scientists to examine the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and other internal organs in greater detail. The technology is a combination of magnetic resonance scanning, computerized tomography scanning, and ultrasound scanning into one unique system. Many of the previously mentioned diagnostic tools assist physicians in finding or locating abnormalities that can interfere with the success of medications and surgical procedures. However, the diagnostic tools may not always find problems hidden deep within, inside or behind tissues. Holographic imaging is designed to eliminate this concern by allowing specialists to see tissues from different angles and depths.

Until holographic ultrasound technology becomes mainstream, you can use other methods to help you learn more about your health.

How Can You Benefit From Today's Ultrasound Technology?

If you currently suffer from a health problem such as abdominal pain and don't know why, it's a good idea that you see an ultrasound specialist for care. Ultrasound technology like 3D imaging, which is commonly used during pregnancy and other procedures, allows doctors to produce real-time images of your internal organs, including their shapes and sizes.

The technology involves the use a transducer, or wand, that picks up the ultrasound waves traveling through your abdomen. A doctor may be able to locate abnormal growths, internal bleeding, and other complications that cause abdominal pain. The results of the ultrasound may also allow a physician to prescribe the correct treatment or procedure to you.