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Answering Questions About Sports Injuries And Physical Therapy

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Being physically active is easily one of the most important factors for ensuring that you stay healthy and fit. While sports can be an enjoyable and social way to meet your exercise needs, it can expose you to a risk of suffering an injury that requires physical therapy to heal. Therefore, you may want to learn more about treating and avoiding sports injuries.

Will Your Regular Doctor Have To Refer You To A Sports Physical Therapist?

There are many patients that will assume they must receive a referral from their doctor in order to be treated by a sports physical therapist. Yet, anyone can schedule an appointment with one of these professionals without needing to go through their doctor. However, your insurance may consider these professionals as specialists, and if this is the case, you may need a doctor's referral for your policy to cover the costs of these treatment sessions.

What Will Your Sports Physical Therapy Sessions Be Like?

Patients will often be concerned about what they should expect when they undergo these treatment sessions, and this can cause them to feel more stress than necessary. For patients that are concerned about these sessions being extremely lengthy, it is usually possible for these sessions to be completed in about an hour, which can limit the disruptions to your schedule on the days that you must receive treatment.

It can also be common for individuals to assume that these treatment sessions will be extremely painful or uncomfortable. Yet, the goal of physical therapy is to help strengthen and rehabilitate patients while causing as little pain as possible. While your therapist will need you to perform exercises to strengthen your injured muscles, tendons and ligaments, you should let them know if you are feeling pain. This will give them a chance to adjust the exercise to ensure that it is as effective as possible while minimizing the risk reinjury.

Can You Take Any Steps To Minimize The Risks Of Sports-Related Injuries?

Due to the lengthy time needed to heal from serious sports injuries, it is important to take steps to minimize these risks. One of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of injury is to ensure that you stretch before the starting to exercise and after any points when you were stationary for more than a few minutes. This will help to keep your muscles loose and ready for action. Additionally, you will need to ensure that you stay hydrated as it can be possible to suffer cramps, pulls and tears if you are dehydrated because the muscles may lose much of their elasticity.

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