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Pros And Cons Of Canal Hearing Aids

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When you visit a hearing specialist to discuss getting hearing aids, one of the topics that will come up is the variety of hearing aid models that are available to you. Each type of hearing aid can be set up to suit your hearing ability, so it's a matter of learning the benefits of each specific style and finding a style that suits you. One type of hearing aid that your hearing specialist will talk about is the canal hearing aid. Its small size can make it appealing, but you'll want to thoroughly evaluate the pros and cons of this design before you move forward.


It's Not Very Visible

Perhaps the biggest advantage to the canal hearing aid is that it fits right in your ear. Unlike other styles of hearing aid, the canal hearing aid doesn't have a large outer component that sits atop your ear. If you're a little shy about people knowing that you wear hearing aids, the canal model can be suitable. You can get these hearing aids in different colors to match your skin tone, which means that unless someone is really focusing on your ears, the hearing aids will likely go unnoticed.

You Can Leave Them In

Whereas you'll customarily want to move larger hearing aids while you sleep, given that they may be uncomfortable if you sleep on your side, canal hearing aids are small enough that some users choose to leave them in overnight. This saves the time investment of taking them in and out each day.


They're More Challenging To Get Out

Because canal hearing aids fit inside your ear with their outer surface flush with the edge of your ear hole, you might struggle to get them out. Whereas hearing aids with an over-the-ear component can be easy to slide out, you might have a little trouble removing your canal hearing aids.

They're Not Ideal For Those With Dexterity Issues

If you have dexterity issues, perhaps as a result of arthritis, canal hearing aids may be hard to hold as you clean them. Larger hearing aids are often more suitable for people with dexterity issues, as smaller models such as the canal model can be relatively easy to drop. Once you evaluate the pros and cons of the canal hearing aids and discuss them with your local hearing professional, you'll be able to decide which style to pursue. For some people, canal hearing aids will be perfect — for others, a different model will be better.