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Dealing With Food Poisoning? Visit An Urgent Care Clinic

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Food poisoning is likely the last thing that you want to experience in the wake of a meal, whether you've eaten at a restaurant close to your home or you're on a trip. Although you might need to deal with the unpleasant symptoms of food poisoning before you feel comfortable with leaving your home or hotel, you should then find a nearby urgent care center to visit. Food poisoning can range in severity, but being able to see a medical professional when you believe that you're dealing with this miserable issue is important. Here are some benefits that you'll receive.

Ruling Out Other Potential Causes

The medical professional at the urgent care clinic will work to rule out any other potential causes of your nausea, diarrhea, and any additional symptoms that you're dealing with. Being sick and having diarrhea doesn't automatically mean that you have food poisoning, so you can expect the doctor to ask you why you think you have this condition, as well as ask you a series of questions that can either rule out or confirm that you might have something else. It's empowering to know exactly what you're dealing with, and this will be possible when you visit urgent care.

Assessment Of Your Hydration

Food poisoning often leads to dehydration because of how much time you spend throwing up and going to the bathroom. When you're dehydrated, even to a moderate degree, you'll often begin to experience a variety of unpleasant symptoms that will only make you feel worse than you already feel. In urgent care, the medical professional can run some tests to determine if you're dehydrated. In more severe cases, dehydration may be evident to an experienced doctor due to the look of your skin. You may then get intravenous hydration to help you feel better.

Prescription For Medication

In order to beat the case of food poisoning that you're dealing with, you'll need medication on your side. While hydration and rest can make you feel better, the bacteria in your body that is causing trouble can remain active unless you take medication to combat it. In urgent care, your health professional can write you a prescription for the appropriate medication to take, which you can pick up at a nearby clinic and begin to take to help you get over this issue and get back to feeling the way you did before the questionable meal.