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Understanding Physical Therapy

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If you have a condition or an injury that causes you physical limitations, pain, or weakness, then your physician may want you to go to physical therapy. You may go to physical therapy for a short period of time or for a long period of time, depending on your condition and the severity of that condition. This article will help you to achieve a better understanding of what you can expect from physical therapy and the many reasons for it.

You want to know some of the positive things physical therapy can offer

Some of the many positive things that going to physical therapy for your issue can offer include such benefits as:

  • A natural pain management plan that can steer you away from meds
  • A way to avoid surgery if you can correct an issue with PT sessions instead
  • A faster and more complete recovery from an injury
  • More flexibility if you were suffering from a lack of it
  • Better mobility if you had balance or muscle issues that affected your mobility
  • Improvement in strength and movement after having a stroke

You should know the different things PT can help with

Physical therapy can come in different forms. You want to know which type of therapy is right for you if you are going to have the best results possible. Here are some of the different types of physical therapy out there:

Geriatric PT – Geriatric PT helps elderly people to work on their physical issues. An elderly person will have different concerns and limitations than someone much younger who has stronger bones and more muscle mass. This means an elderly person needs to work on things in a specific way.

Orthopedic PT – Someone who has suffered injuries that affect their bones, ligaments, tendons, or muscles will undergo orthopedic PT which will help them to heal and strengthen their muscles in a way that will help them feel better and get back to moving the way they did before they suffered the injury.

Wound Care PT – Someone who has a wound that is going to take a while to heal will go to wound care PT where they will receive care for that wound. The care they receive can include things like making sure the wound is getting enough oxygen and that the area is getting an adequate supply of blood to promote healthy healing.

Neurological PT – Someone with conditions like cerebral palsy or Alzheimer's will go to neurological physical therapy where they will get therapy to help them with things like limb response and improvement in muscle strength.

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