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Loved One At End Stage Of Their Disease? 2 Tips For Saving Money When Planning The Funeral

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If you have a loved one that is in the end stages of their disease, you need to start planning the funeral now. If your loved one did not prepare for this on your own and there is no money already saved, then you will quickly find that funeral expenses can be very expensive. To help, below are two tips so you can save money on the funeral.   

Choose the Right Casket

One large expense is the casket as they can go up to thousands of dollars. You should know, however, that you do not have to spend this much. First, ask the funeral home to show you the lower end caskets. They may not show these in the beginning. You will find these caskets are much less expensive.

You also have the option of purchasing the casket somewhere else and having it delivered to the funeral home. You do need to check with the funeral home about this, however, to ensure they allow this. You can even purchase caskets online if you want or you may find local establishments in your area that sell them.

For a steel casket you will see word gauge. This refers to how thick the metal is. The smaller the gauge number is the thicker the steel will be. For example, you will find a 20-gauge casket to be less expensive when compared to the higher end caskets but approximately 20 gauge would be enough for you. A higher number also means the casket will be lighter, making it easier for pallbearers to carry.

Choose Direct Burial

One way to save a substantial amount of money is to choose a direct burial. With this, you will have no funeral at a funeral home but instead your friend will be buried a few days after death. You will have no funeral service. You can pay an extra fee to have a small memorial surface at the grave site in most cases.

The casket used for direct burial is often much less expensive. Because your loved one's body will not be viewed by anyone, they will not have to be embalmed. This will save you money as embalming is one large expensive of the funeral process.

You should contact a funeral home to set up the direct burial. The funeral director can help you get everything set up. You also have to speak with the cemetery about the direct burial.

Contact a funeral home director, such as at Danks-Hinski Funeral Home, about other tips to help you save money when planning your loved one's funeral.