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Applying Topical Cannabis Correctly

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There are many ways that you can experience the benefits of cannabis. One of the options that many cannabis lovers may not be aware of is topical cannabis products. They are sometimes a great option for those who are turning to cannabis to treat pain and discomfort. 

Apply It Properly

Topical cannabis allows you to experience the benefits of cannabis without the effects of inhaling it. However, to get the best benefits of topical cannabis, you'll need to know how to apply it properly. There are many topical options to choose from, including lotions, balms, and oils. Lotions are meant more for everyday use. Oils are meant to be heated, so you can also enjoy the benefits of hot oil. You should try each type to get a sense of what kind you enjoy the most. 

If your goal when using a topical is pain relief, simply apply the topical at the source of the pain. When the topical is placed in the right location, you'll eliminate it more quickly. For example, if your neck hurts, rub the topical all over your neck.

Use Massage Therapy

If you are using massage therapy to treat pain, a THC cream can be rubbed into the area where you are experiencing pain. The effects of the massage are heightened by the effects of the THC cream. Regardless of whether you're applying the cannabis topical yourself or if it is being applied by someone else, the hands need to be washed and clean. Otherwise, the topical will not be absorbed as well and won't be as effective. 

Adjust the Dosage

If you're not interested in getting high and are only worried about pain relief, a CBD salve is the best option. Because they don't have the same impact on everyone, make sure to try it at different dosages to find out how much you need to experience pain relief. While cannabis isn't guaranteed to alleviate all pain, it will make a difference.

Make sure the area where you'll be applying the topical cannabis is clean. Otherwise, any dirt or oils will interfere with the absorption of the topical agent. Be gentle when applying the topical cannabis, but also rub the topical agent vigorously. Do not apply a lot of pressure, since you might cause discomfort for your skin. However, you also want to be firm so that the agent absorbs into the skin effectively.

To learn more, talk to a cannabis dispensary near you.