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What to Know About COVID-19 Testing and Symptoms

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There have been more than 33 million COVID-19 cases since the first spread of the virus. After several months of social distancing, mask mandates, lockdowns, business closings, and other precautions, we now have different variations of a vaccine that will combat the virus. When you are looking to get your health under control and to stay safe from the virus, it's important that you take your medical needs as seriously as possible. This includes drive-thru COVID 19 testing and other measures. In this article, you will learn more about testing and other precautions that you can put into play.

Recognize the signs and symptoms of the virus

Remain vigilant about COVID-19 by first and foremost understanding the signs and symptoms. Some of the main signs of COVID include chronic coughing, bodily pain, brain fog, dizziness, a loss of smell and taste, headache, fever, and trouble breathing. This virus can have long-standing issues on your respiratory health, which is why it's so important that you pinpoint it and get treatment as quickly as possible. Before you take any steps, you will have to get tested to find out if you're carrying the virus. You can be asymptomatic and still carry the virus. If you have been around someone who is experiencing these symptoms, you need to take it upon yourself to get tested in order to find out where you stand.

Learn about the testing sites near you

When you need to get testing, be sure that you look into the different sites in your local area. Figure out the protocol for getting tested and whether you need an appointment or if you can get tested as a walk-in. The most common form of COVID-19 testing involves nasal swabbing. A doctor or nurse will insert a swab deep into your nasal cavity and will send the sample off to the lab to be tested. Getting this type of test has ramped up since the beginning of the pandemic, and today you can even get drive-thru COVID-19 testing.

You can fill your information out in your car or ahead of time, and pull up to get tested without ever having to get out of your vehicle. This is useful since it takes place outdoors, which protects the health and safety of both the tester and the patient. If you get a positive COVID test, make sure that you self-quarantine for two weeks to allow the virus to dissipate without getting anyone else sick.

Take the necessary measures that will look after your health by looking into COVID-19 testing. For more information about getting tested, contact a local business, such as Greenwich Urgent Care and Wellness Center, to learn more.