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4 Non-Surgical Fat Removal Methods To Consider To Remove Fat Pockets And Sculpt Your Body

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If it's getting obvious that your body shape isn't going to change with exercise and dieting, and you're tired of having fat deposits on your hips, stomach, neck, or back, you might be considering liposuction. While liposuction works, it's an aggressive surgery that you need time to recover from.

A better option might be non-surgical fat removal. These options don't need recovery time, but they do need time to work. You usually won't have instant results with fat loss. Here are some popular non-surgical fat removal methods to compare.

1. Killing Fat Cells With Cold Temperatures

An interesting thing about fat cells is they can be killed using cold temperatures but the temperatures are not cold enough to hurt skin, muscle, or other body cells. This allows your doctor to use a device to apply cold temperatures where they're needed on your body to kill fat cells.

This results in spot reduction that requires no surgery at all. You won't have an incision. The device is just placed on your skin. The fat cells freeze and then your body clears the dead cells out over a period of weeks.

2. Fat Removal With An Injection

If you have fat under your chin, you might be interested in getting an injection that dissolves the fat. The injection contains a synthetic form of bile acid that breaks the fat cells down. You'll probably need several injections each session and possibly a few sessions to get the results you want. The fat cells are removed from your body slowly, so results aren't instant, but if you're patient, you could get rid of your double chin at last.

3. Red Light Therapy To Rupture Fat Cells

Red light therapy is a somewhat controversial method of non-surgical fat removal since it's new. It might be worth trying since it doesn't seem to have side effects and treatment doesn't require recovery time. Red light therapy is thought to work by rupturing the fat cell membrane so the contents leak out. The fat cells shrink, but they don't die. That means the cells could fill up with fat again if you don't watch your diet and you don't exercise.

4. Heat To Kill Fat Cells

Heat treatments using radiofrequency waves and ultrasound energy can kill fat cells just like cold treatments do. The killed cells are slowly absorbed by your body and removed, so the fat loss is permanent. A benefit of this type of non-surgical fat removal is that heat can also tighten skin by triggering collagen and elastin to grow, so the fat you lose may not cause your skin to sag with the heat treatments.

For more information on non-surgical fat removal, contact a professional near you.