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Signs It's Time to Seek Treatment for Your Anxiety

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It is entirely normal to feel anxious or worried now and then. You might be anxious about a big test coming up, or you may worry about a family member who is ill. Anxious feelings do not, in and of themselves, mean anything is wrong with you or that you need to seek treatment for your anxiety. However, anxiety can also become a pathological condition that gets in the way of your life. So, how do you know the difference? How do you know if it's time to seek treatment for your anxiety? Keep an eye out for the following signs.

Your anxiety is causing you to perform unhealthy coping behaviors.

When anxiety becomes out of control, people often seek physical ways to moderate and control it. You might chew your nails, twist your hair, pick your skin, or even pull your hair out. These habits can be hard to break once you start, and you often need professional treatment to move past them. More importantly, though, they are a sign that you've been dealing with a lot of anxiety that you could likely use treatment for. Once you begin treating the underlying anxiety, the habits will be easier to break.

You're anxious more often than not.

Occasional anxiety is pretty normal. Feeling anxious all or most of the time is not. Try to keep a journal, noting every time you feel anxious. If your anxiety is starting to pop up more and more often, or if you are feeling anxious more often than not, then this is a sign you should seek treatment.

You're having anxiety attacks.

Do you ever have episodes during which your chest feels tight, you struggle to breathe, your heart races, and the world feels like it is spinning? These are anxiety attacks, sometimes known as panic attacks. They are not normal, and are, in fact, a sign you need to seek treatment for your anxiety. You do not deserve to feel this scared and panicked, and anxiety treatment can cause the attacks to stop fairly quickly. Panic attacks are not good for your body or mind, so consider treatment a step for your overall health.

If you are worried that your anxiety may be more than an occasional, normal occurrence, it does not hurt to see a doctor. Tell them what you've been experiencing, and they'll let you know whether anxiety treatment is a good choice.

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