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Vaccine Validation Systems: Solutions For Business Owners And Visitors

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COVID-19 vaccines help preserve public safety as people transition into the new normal of life after the COVID-19 virus. As a business owner, verifying the vaccination status of visitors in your office, store, or service center can be fraught with questions and logistical concerns. Fortunately, you can use technological solutions to address these matters. Here are a handful of things that business owners can do with the assistance of vaccine validation systems:

1. Preserve visitors' privacy

Privacy is of the utmost concern for many people, especially when it comes to their personal information, such as medical records. Vaccine validation systems can be used to verify visitors' vaccination status while also preserving their privacy. Vaccine validation kiosks are easy to use, which allows guests to serve themselves by scanning their vaccine cards or passports. Many people will feel more comfortable helping themselves rather than providing their medical information to a customer service staff member.

2. Comply with local regulations on vaccination requirements

In many places, local regulations and mask mandates change according to the level of COVID-19 threat currently present in the area. The ability to adapt quickly to changing regulations will allow your business to avoid fines and citations. Vaccine validation systems can be easily set up and removed as necessary. During times of low COVID-19 threats, you can put away your vaccine validation kiosk until it is needed again.

3. Respect visitors' valuable time

Vaccine validation systems allow business owners and customer service representatives to respect their visitors' valuable time. Self-service options make it fast and easy for visitors to input their vaccination information. This can reduce long lines at your place of business and decrease the amount of time that customers spend waiting for service. High-volume retail spaces can install multiple vaccine verification kiosks to serve more than one visitor at a time, which can be especially helpful during peak business hours.

4. Choose desktop or freestanding validation systems

Finally, vaccine validation systems give you the option to choose the model that best fits your facility's layout. Facilities with check-in desks and front counters may benefit from tabletop verification systems that can be used by visitors as they arrive. Freestanding vaccine validation kiosks are ideal for outdoor placement so customers can check in before they enter your facility. Choosing the right type of system for your building will ensure that your vaccine validation kiosks are easily spotted and intuitive to use.

For more information about installing a vaccine verification system, reach out to a local service.