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Should You Take Your Child To The Doctor For A Cough?

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If your family is like most, you probably go through a good amount of tissues and cans of soup during the cold season. There isn’t a cure for the common cold, so it makes sense if you don’t take your child to the doctor every time you hear him or her cough. But, how do you know that your child’s cough is due to a cold? Learn how to determine what type of cough your child has so that you know how to treat it. Read More»

Three Questions To Ask When Helping A Family Member Get Hearing Aids

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The need for hearing aids increases as a person ages, and if you have a family member who’s suffering from hearing loss, it’s helpful to attend his or her appointment with a hearing specialist. Your presence at this meeting, which can often include a hearing test and then a fitting for one or two hearing aids, is more than just about supporting your family member. You can also take the opportunity to ask some questions that your family member might be resistant to ask if he or she struggles to hear clearly. Read More»

4 Skincare Home Remedies Your Aesthetician Hates

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Regular trips to the spa for a facial will leave your skin glowing, but what you put on your skin between appointments can work against you if you’re not using the right ingredients. Throughout the years you’ve probably heard a lot of myths about household items that will make your zit disappear, help you avoid bags under your eyes, or add hydration to parched skin. Some of those ingredients may actually be causing more harm than good. Read More»

Everything You Need To Know About The Stages Of Dementia

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The terms “dementia” and “Alzheimer’s” are often used interchangeably, but they refer to two different conditions. According to HealthLine.com, dementia isn’t a disease, but a group of symptoms affecting a person’s mental tasks, like reasoning and memory. The symptoms of dementia can be caused by several conditions, the most common of which is a disease known as Alzheimer’s. The Seven Stages of Dementia No known cure for the symptoms of dementia currently exists. Read More»

Four Compounds In Your Daily Coffee That Improve Your Health

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There has been much debate over the healthiness of coffee and whether or not its consumers are helped or harmed by their habit. While studies are still mixed, and a mocha heaped with whipped cream will never be a very healthy option, specific chemical compounds found in roasted coffee have been shown to demonstrate remarkable health benefits for regular coffee drinkers. These four compounds in particular have been shown to improve your health in a variety of ways, and by choosing your coffee consciously, you can increase your exposure to them while still enjoying a delicious  morning boost. Read More»