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Eating Guide for Parents When Their Child Gets Braces

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When your child gets braces, it can require a lot of adjustments, not only for the teeth, but for the child and the parents as well. One such adjustment is food. Braces change what your child can eat and how they should eat. Here’s a guide to help parents know what foods to offer and which to stay away from. Choose Soft Foods The teeth are very sensitive when the braces are first put on. Read More»

Am I At Risk For A Candida Infection?

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Caring for the health and wellness of your body should be a top priority. Although beneficial when found in small numbers, candida albicans can cause serious problems. Some symptoms of a candida infection include: exhaustion, joint pain, and chronic sinus problems when allowed to grow unchecked. There are certain behavioral factors that could put you at risk for developing a candida imbalance. Being aware of these risk factors will help you take the steps needed to combat them in order to prevent a candida infection from negatively affecting your health in the future. Read More»

5 Diet Issues That Can Increase The Odds Of Kidney Stones

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Kidney stones are unpleasant, painful, and often extremely expensive. The good news, however, is that there are many ways to prevent kidney stones. Though some individuals are simply naturally predisposed to stones, others get them as a consequence of their diet and their habits. Here are a few diet issues that can potentially cause kidney stones. 1. Not Drinking Enough Water Water is a very important part of a diet, especially when trying to avoid kidney stones. Read More»

Frequently Asked Questions About Methadone Treatment

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Methadone treatment can be a confusing topic for family members, friends, and even those receiving the treatments. If you still have questions about methadone treatment, these common questions and answers may clear up some of your confusion. How is methadone delivered? Methadone treatments are available in several forms, including tablets, injections, and liquids. Each method of delivery is intended to block highs caused by opiates. Additionally, methadone reduces cravings and symptoms caused by withdrawal from the drug. Read More»

Holographic Ultrasounds: What Are They And How Do They Benefit You?

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Ultrasound technology can be a valuable tool in monitoring the growth and development of your unborn baby, or it can help you manage your health after a major surgery or medical diagnosis. The most common and popular ultrasound methods used today are 2D, 3D, and 4D imaging. Each type of ultrasound technology is unique in how it performs. One of the latest types of ultrasound technologies in development today is holographic ultrasound. Read More»