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Frequently Asked Questions About Methadone Treatment

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Methadone treatment can be a confusing topic for family members, friends, and even those receiving the treatments. If you still have questions about methadone treatment, these common questions and answers may clear up some of your confusion. How is methadone delivered? Methadone treatments are available in several forms, including tablets, injections, and liquids. Each method of delivery is intended to block highs caused by opiates. Additionally, methadone reduces cravings and symptoms caused by withdrawal from the drug. Read More»

Holographic Ultrasounds: What Are They And How Do They Benefit You?

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Ultrasound technology can be a valuable tool in monitoring the growth and development of your unborn baby, or it can help you manage your health after a major surgery or medical diagnosis. The most common and popular ultrasound methods used today are 2D, 3D, and 4D imaging. Each type of ultrasound technology is unique in how it performs. One of the latest types of ultrasound technologies in development today is holographic ultrasound. Read More»

How To Increase Your Chances Of Kicking Your Addiction

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If you have an addiction, you know how difficult it is to kick it. You may struggle with work, school, and the urges you have while you try to quit. How do you increase your chance of success and overcome your addiction? Here are ways you can increase your odds of success: 1. Get a Buddy Recruit someone else who is also struggling with an addiction or seek out a support group. Read More»

Three Things To Remember When You're Thinking About Getting An Egg Donation

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If you’re a working woman who’s either infertile or just a little too old to have children in the traditional way, getting an egg donation is a great way to fix your problem. Even if the procedures involved can be quite pricey, what is money compared to the smile of a newly-born child? When you’re thinking about getting an egg donation, make sure you remember these three things. You’ll Have An Increased Chance of Having Twins Read More»

Non–Age Related Hearing Loss: Types, Causes, and Treatments

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Hearing loss is where sound signals entering through the ears fail to reach the brain and thus cannot be processed. This is often viewed as something that only happens when we get old. While it is true that age is the most common reason for hearing loss, it is not the only cause. There are two main types of hearing loss, each of which can be the result of many factors that damage the intricate workings of the inner ear. Read More»