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Plantar Fasciitis And 3 Ways To Decrease Pain Caused By It

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With 2 million people being treated for it each year, plantar fascists is the most common type of foot pain. Here is more information about plantar fasciitis and three ways to decrease the pain caused by it.  What Is Plantar Fasciitis?  The thin ligament that lies just underneath the skin on the bottom of the foot is called the plantar fascia. This ligament is responsible for supporting the arch in your foot. Read More»

Senior Caregiving: 4 Total Body Benefits Of Vision Care

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Serving as a senior loved one’s caregiver provides you with the opportunity to return all the kindness that they have shown to you through the years. From helping them prepare nutritious meals to serving as an advocate at doctor appointments, there is nothing you won’t do to make your loved one’s life better. Unfortunately, vision care often gets put on the back burner when a senior begins to experience serious health problems. Read More»

Answering Questions About Sports Injuries And Physical Therapy

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Being physically active is easily one of the most important factors for ensuring that you stay healthy and fit. While sports can be an enjoyable and social way to meet your exercise needs, it can expose you to a risk of suffering an injury that requires physical therapy to heal. Therefore, you may want to learn more about treating and avoiding sports injuries. Will Your Regular Doctor Have To Refer You To A Sports Physical Therapist? Read More»

Eating Guide for Parents When Their Child Gets Braces

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When your child gets braces, it can require a lot of adjustments, not only for the teeth, but for the child and the parents as well. One such adjustment is food. Braces change what your child can eat and how they should eat. Here’s a guide to help parents know what foods to offer and which to stay away from. Choose Soft Foods The teeth are very sensitive when the braces are first put on. Read More»

Am I At Risk For A Candida Infection?

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Caring for the health and wellness of your body should be a top priority. Although beneficial when found in small numbers, candida albicans can cause serious problems. Some symptoms of a candida infection include: exhaustion, joint pain, and chronic sinus problems when allowed to grow unchecked. There are certain behavioral factors that could put you at risk for developing a candida imbalance. Being aware of these risk factors will help you take the steps needed to combat them in order to prevent a candida infection from negatively affecting your health in the future. Read More»