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Coping With Someone Else's Chronic Pain

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When you live in the same home as someone who battles chronic pain, you’re naturally affected. You might feel helpless regarding their pain and find yourself stressed because much of the family’s responsibilities lay on your shoulders. How can you help them manage their pain and still enjoy your own life? Eat Well One of your most important responsibilities is likely to keep everyone fed. Attention to good, nutritious foods is vital; an unhealthy diet can lead to inflammation which deeply aggravates your loved one’s pain. Read More»

Three Opioid-Free Pain Relief Treatments

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With more prescribes trying to avoid using opioid pain relievers for chronic pain, patients are trying to find pain relief methods that might help. Below are various opioid-free pain relief strategies.  Lidocaine Lower potentiates of lidocaine can be found at retail stores. It is usually found the form of a cream, but patches are also an option. Lidocaine can be helpful for joint pain, especially any breakthrough pain that is not responding to other pain-relief methods. Read More»

Understanding Hearing Loss And Treatments In Seniors

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If your senior loved one suffers from hearing loss, the cause will determine which types of hearing loss treatments are necessary for restoring optimal auditory function. An evaluation by an audiologist, or hearing specialist, will determine how extensive the hearing loss is, however, if he or she is unable to pinpoint the exact cause, the senior individual will be referred back to the primary care physician for further evaluation and treatment. Read More»

4 Tips For Recovering From Back Surgery

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One of the most challenging times in life may be if you need back surgery. However, having this operation done is the key to helping you feel better faster. The first thing on your mind is likely to be getting your life back and enduring fewer episodes of pain. The good news is you can make this happen when you know the best tips for helping your body recover faster. Read More»

Understanding Physical Therapy

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If you have a condition or an injury that causes you physical limitations, pain, or weakness, then your physician may want you to go to physical therapy. You may go to physical therapy for a short period of time or for a long period of time, depending on your condition and the severity of that condition. This article will help you to achieve a better understanding of what you can expect from physical therapy and the many reasons for it. Read More»