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Four Compounds In Your Daily Coffee That Improve Your Health

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There has been much debate over the healthiness of coffee and whether or not its consumers are helped or harmed by their habit. While studies are still mixed, and a mocha heaped with whipped cream will never be a very healthy option, specific chemical compounds found in roasted coffee have been shown to demonstrate remarkable health benefits for regular coffee drinkers. These four compounds in particular have been shown to improve your health in a variety of ways, and by choosing your coffee consciously, you can increase your exposure to them while still enjoying a delicious  morning boost. Read More»

Learning To Hear: How To Handle Life With Hearing Aids

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Getting hearing aids can help you regain some of your independence and confidence. You’ll be able to keep up with conversations without awkwardly pretending that you hear what is being said, and you’ll get to experience new sounds that are music to your ears. You may find, however, that there are some things that make adjusting to life with hearing aids more difficult. Here are a few ways to cope with these hearing challenges. Read More»

Planning For A Successful Home Recovery From Your Total Hip Replacement

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You’ll soon be checking into the general orthopedics floor of the hospital to have your arthritic hip replaced. This procedure will help you to walk pain-free again. But the surgery is just the first step of the entire process. Your recovery at home must be successful to get the full benefit from your new hip. Here are some of the ways to have the best experience recovering at home. 1. Manage your pain closely. Read More»

3 Things You Need To Know About Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

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Your posterior tibial tendon starts deep in your calf, runs down the back of your leg and along the side of your ankle and ends in the arch of your foot. Its role is to help you bend your foot and ankle, but like any other tendon, it can become inflamed or irritated due to sports, which leads to tendonitis. Here are three things you need to know about posterior tibial tendonitis. Read More»

Learn What To Do If You Think Your Child May Suffer From ADHD

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Children always seem to have more energy than adults, but there are times when it may seem like your child has an excessive amount of energy in comparison to some of the other children you may know. When this happens, your child may be suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. A child suffering from ADHD will have uncontrollable fits of hyperactivity, they may have difficulty focusing on tasks for more than a few minutes at a time, and they may not take the time to rationalize things before making a decision. Read More»