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Flu Season Approaching? 4 Ways To Reduce The Sickness In Your Home

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Flu season is coming, and that means lots of trips to the doctor. You do everything you can to stay healthy while you’re outside. You use plenty of hand sanitizer and you wash your hands after using the restroom. Did you know that there are also some other things you can be doing inside your home that can prevent the spread of germs? Your home is the first line of defense against germs that cause sickness. Read More»

Three Tips That Seem Cruel But Might Help You Stop Enabling Your Addicted Partner

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Do you know that your seemingly “nice” actions to a partner abusing drugs can fuel his or her addiction problem? This is called being an enabler, and there are measures you can take to stop it. Here are three examples of such measures: Don’t Clean Up After the Addict Many addicts get so high that they cannot remember their actions when they get sober. If you have such a partner, then you may be tempted to look after him or her so well that he or she may not even know how bad his or her situation was. Read More»

Allergic To Cats? Here Are Some Tips For Bringing A Pet Cat Into Your Home When You Have Allergies

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It’s frustrating when you’re allergic to cats, because that might mean no one in your household can experience the joy of having a cat for a pet. If you or your kids really want to bring a cat into your family, you might be able to make it work if you take some precautions. If your allergic reaction is severe, you shouldn’t attempt to live in the same house as a cat, but if you only have mild or moderate symptoms, you can try these suggestions. Read More»

Lower Back Pain: What You Need To Know

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Lower back pain may be one of the most common ailments plaguing the population. Furthermore, you may have back problems and not even know it. Lower back pain can manifest itself in several other areas of the body, leading you to believe a trip to the chiropractor may not be necessary. Understanding lower back pain, how it starts, what it feels like and how you can help yourself is key to restoring and maintaining your back health. Read More»

Facial Contouring Options: Standard Liposuction Or Laser-Assisted Treatments?

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So you’ve made the big decision to recontour your neck and face. Plastic surgery is not something to be entered into lightly. Cosmetic procedure or not, surgery is always a serious endeavor. As such, it is important to know your options when it comes to recontouring your neck and/or face. For many years, standard liposuction has been the one and only choice in fat tissue removal. However, recent medical advances have generated a laser-assisted treatment option that offers its own unique benefits. Read More»