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3 FAQs When It Comes To Open Heart Surgery

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When the chest has to be cut open so that surgery can be performed on the muscles, arteries, valves, or any other part of the heart, it is called open heart surgery. While this might sound like a scary procedure to go through, it is actually very common. In fact, in the United States, thousands of these types of operations are performed each year. The coronary bypass procedure is one of the most common types of heart surgeries, with about 500,000 patients undergoing this operation every year. Read More»

Stop Walking Like A Duck: Try These Foot-Straightening Techniques

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You may believe that your duck feet, feet that turn outward, are an interesting quirk. But your duck feet are actually bad for your body and will also increase the risk that you trip and hurt yourself. When your feet are in normal alignment, they should be parallel to each other. The human body is not designed to work like this, and you may make your entire body unstable. Remember to Keep Your Feet Straight Read More»

3 Things To Know About Gynecology Exams

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Getting a gynecology examination is something that many women do not enjoy. However, it’s something that is essential to lifelong health, both during your reproductive years and afterward as well. Getting a regular gynecology examination is an essential part of preventative care. There are a lot of potential issues that can be caught and treated by your gynecologist before they become major health problems. While these exams are very important to a woman’s health, many skip them due to inaccurate information. Read More»

Tired Of Covering Up Bad Odors In Your Home With Strong Air Fresheners? Try These Gentle Solutions Instead

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Are you sick of the stains and strong chemical smells that can be present when you are using air fresheners that plug into the wall? Not only can it be toxic if someone accidentally comes into contact with these air fresheners, but they can also be a fire hazard. If you are looking for a new option to stop bad odors that seem to float around the house because of the kids, animals or other causes, then you want to look into these different options. Read More»

Preventative Tips If You Have A Family History Of Skin Cancer

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If you’re family has a history of skin cancer, then it is important that you take the proper precautions with regards to your skincare. You don’t want to be cavalier about your skin if you have relatives who have developed skin cancers. Skin cancers can be treated, but it is best that you take preventative measures to try and prevent them and also to deal with them as soon as they are found. Read More»